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How to Get the Exterior of Your Triangle Area Home Ready for Sale

How to Get the Exterior of Your Triangle Area Home Ready for Sale

You only have one chance to make a first impression when selling your home, and you make that first impression with your home's exterior. The interior of your home may look stunning, but if the exterior is aging or in disrepair, you won't get as much as you could when selling your home.

Before you even start working on getting the inside of your home ready, you need to make sure your exterior is in top condition. Here are a few things you can do to get the exterior of your home ready for a sale:

Clean or Paint the Walls

If your home has brick or vinyl siding, hire someone to pressure wash it and remove all the stains and built-up grime. If your home has stucco, wood siding or another painted surface, repaint it to freshen up the color and cover up any old stains. You might even want to change the color to something that's more popular right now.
While you're taking care of the walls, make sure you clean the roof, as well. Stains on the roof will make it look older than it is, and prospective buyers pay special attention to the roof.

Clean the Driveway

While you are pressure washing your home, make sure you clean the driveway also. A clean driveway will look newer and in better repair.
If you have a gravel driveway, get a fresh load of gravel or hire someone to "fluff" the gravel. The driveway should have even coverage, and there should be no grass or weeds showing though. Apply a weed treatment to get rid of any greenery.

Make Repairs

Take a close look at all your exterior elements. Look for things like loose shutters, missing fasteners, cracks in the walkways, loose railings and more. Make any repairs that are needed. This might just mean tightening some screws or re-hanging items, but it may mean replacing items that have fallen into disrepair.

Clean Gutters and Windows

Your home may look pristine, but leaves and pine needles sticking out of your gutters will detract from its beauty. Clean out your gutters and wash the outside. Get rid of any dust or mildew that has built up.
Wash your windows, as well. When they are dirty, they will look cloudy and old. They'll mar the view from the inside and out.

Put Out Fresh Mulch

Mulch beds make your yard look more manicured and finished. Freshen the beds with hardwood or designer, colored mulch. The new mulch will make the borders of your bed look more defined, and it will highlight the flowers and other plantings in the beds.

Weed and Trim Bushes

Make your landscaping look more manicured by pulling weeds in your flower beds and around your walkways. Trim your bushes and cut back tree branches that have grown too long.
Of course, mowing the lawn and edging the walkways will also make the whole yard look more attractive.

Clear Out Debris

Debris in your yard can be harder to identify. However, it includes huge leaf and wood piles, random sticks and branches in the yard, extraneous yard furniture, yard tools, toys and pet waste. Clean up tools and toys and put them in a shed or bring them inside. Pick up all sticks, clear out all leaf piles, and make sure there is no pet waste in the yard.
Taking the time to get your home's exterior ready can help you sell your home in no time. You'll get more money for it, as well, yielding a huge return on the time and money you have put in to preparations. Work with your realtor to identify other ways to get your home ready before putting it on the market.






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